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You're not really sure how you fit yourself into this hole.

Maybe you're just too big to be the kind of person who goes around crawling into strange holes. Maybe you're not from the kind of place where holes usually appear? Or maybe, instead, everything about this was completely unremarkable, until...until...

...Until something. And now you're here instead of there, and the hole keeps going in front of you while the rest of it has vanished behind you, and for some reason this isn't as alarming as it should be. You might as well keep going. You get the strangest feeling that some new adventure waits you at the exit...

Embrace ugliness. Find normalcy in the abnormal and the strange in the standard. Accept imperfections.

[community profile] cosmographia is a panfandom jamjar community-based roleplaying game inspired by the lore of Steven Universe. Characters are brought to the town of Waverly Bay and arrive… changed. Whatever they were before coming to Waverly Bay, they’re now a Gem – and they’re going to have to learn to deal with it while settling into a completely different world and learning how to use their new powers.




Credit to [community profile] vigils & [community profile] inconformista for layout coding.
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Merry Christmas, Gems! Because it's the merriest time of the year, this month's activity check is going up both a day early and is functioning a little bit differently.

We understand that the holidays are an incredibly busy time for everyone and because of that, December's AC is simply a check-in! Drop a comment down below just to let us know that you're still alive and kicking. Be sure to list all your characters and their journals. If you're so inclined, you can also let us know what your character has been getting up to this month but if you just want to let us know you're still around, that's fine too!

Please note that characters who took a strike in the previous month's AC will still need to provide their two AC proofs this month if they wish to stay in the game.

Please submit your activity by Tuesday, January 3rd, 2017. An AC reminder/warning post will go up on January 4th! If you do not turn in AC for your character(s) on this post by then, your character(s) will be listed on that post. If you do not turn in AC for your character(s) on either this post or the reminder/warning post by 11:59 PM East Coast US time on January 10th, you will be idled from the game.

Have a merry Christmas, Gems!

- The Crystal Mods
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Deep in the Temple, at the end of a once-indistinct path that's now well marked, lies the warp pad room. Each of the raised crystalline pedestals here - and there's a lot of them! - is connected to another warp pad elsewhere on Earth. Most of them aren't in working order right now, their companion pads having been damaged by time and other things, but for those that do, the locations they lead to are listed here.

The warp pads can be activated by any Gem. Like other default Gem abilities, warp pad activation may come naturally or be difficult to master, depending on individual circumstances. Humans, animals, and other non-Gem beings, as well as corrupted Gems, can't activate warp pads.

These warp pads only lead between two locations - to travel between one outlying location and another, Gems must return to the warp pad room, find the appropriate warp, and use that one, rather than being able to warp there directly.

Have questions about any location details? Comment to this page or contact a mod to ask. Any noticeable details that characters uncover will be added to the information on-page.

Locations Accessible By Warp Pad )
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Hello Gems! If you're on this page then you're probably interested in applying for a mod position here at Cosmographia. Awesome! Here's a quick run down of the kind of duties you may be expected to do:

    Application Processing: Applications roll in through the week and are processed between the times given on the application page. App processing will involve evaluating incoming apps and issuing timely responses. As well as ensuring that applications are processed quickly for awaiting players, more mods in the app process will allow us to more effectively process applications that we may be canonblind on.
    Events & NPCs: Running events in Cosmographia will involve prior plotting and setup, as well as interaction with players during events. The level of mod-player interaction during an event may vary depending on the event, though the majority of it usually takes place at the bookends of the event. Mod-player interaction during events may simply boil down to prividing direction and narration in comments or control of NPCs, such as monsters, townfolks and the Temple Gem, Tiger's Eye. NPCs may also interact with player characters during event downtime.
    Game Plot & World: In addition to event running, plotting for the long term is also an important part of keeping Cosmographia ticking. This will involve plotting behind the scenes for long-term metaplot as well as elements of lore and worldbuilding to give the players plenty of meat to sink their teeth into.
    Organizational Duties: List updates, page maintenance. For the most part, this will involve checking lists and comments every few days to make sure information is up to date and player inquires and concerns are dealt with in a timely manner. This will also include processing of power requests following events (or through the month!) and organizational duties such as running the monthly Activity Check, posting to ATP and running OOC posts such as the HMD.

It's important to note that list maintenance help is a lower priority, as we have that under control. What we are primarily concerned with is assistance in other areas. You will not be immediately expected to take up every duty listed here, though you will be run through the how-to's to ensure that you can should you be asked to. This list is to give you a general idea of the work that goes into Cosmographia and what we're looking for help on. For example, the activity check is currently run by Claire, but you may be be asked to do it on a month she was unable to do so.

If this all sounds like something you'd like to do, then just fill in the form below and submit your application by replying to this entry! If you have any questions or want to hit us up about this mod application process, then you can also put those here.

Comments are screened. We do not currently have a cap on applications or a deadline for submission.

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premise, rules & faqic & gem infoworld infoplayers & charactersapplicationscurrent test drive

You're not really sure how you fit yourself into this hole.

Maybe you're just too big to be the kind of person who goes around crawling into strange holes. Maybe you're not from the kind of place where holes usually appear? Or maybe, instead, everything about this was completely unremarkable, until...until...

...Until something. And now you're here instead of there, and the hole keeps going in front of you while the rest of it has vanished behind you, and for some reason this isn't as alarming as it should be. You might as well keep going. You get the strangest feeling that some new adventure waits you at the exit...

Embrace ugliness. Find normalcy in the abnormal and the strange in the standard. Accept imperfections.

[community profile] cosmographia is a panfandom jamjar community-based sandbox exploration roleplaying game inspired by the lore of Steven Universe. Characters are brought to the town of Waverly Bay and arrive… changed. Whatever they were before coming to Waverly Bay, they’re now a Gem – and they’re going to have to learn to deal with it while settling into a completely different world and learning how to use their new powers.

Applications are always open and processed weekly!
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☆ What is fusion?

Gems are capable of fusing their bodies and minds together to create bigger, cooler, and more powerful Gems!

An official Steven Universe short here has the very basics.

The process of fusion isn't always intentional - it's possible for Gems to fuse together without even knowing they were capable of it - but it's always voluntary. Fusion occurs when Gems' minds are open to each other, and will hold as long as they're thinking and feeling in sync.

☆ What do fusions look and act like?

Fusions generally combine the physical traits of their components, but with some individual flair. For example, in Steven Universe, Opal, the fusion of Pearl and Amethyst, combines their spear and whip to make a longbow, and draws some aspects of her appearance from each of theirs. Fusions will keep the placement of their components' gems, and will have as many gems on their body as they have...Gems making them up, but each gem will change type. Opal has two opals; one on her forehead, where Pearl's pearl was placed, and one on her chest in place of Amethyst's amethyst.

Their personalities also combine character traits from their components, but again, it's not quite as simple as inheriting discrete traits from each Gem that fused to make them. A working, stable fusion has a seamless personality of its own, born from the aspects of its components that best allow them to sync up and work together. Using Opal as an example again, she reflects Amethyst's power and exuberance and Pearl's poise and focus, and has a determined personality that finds peace and balance in carrying out a task to completion.

Note that Gems don't need to like each other in order to fuse, though Gems that like each other are more likely to have something in common. They just need to be able to get in sync - characters who are similar in some way may be able to fuse along that similarity.

Fusions also don't experience their fusion as being "two Gems in a trenchcoat" - they are, while fused, a single being. Gems that are new to the experience of fusion have been seen to "talk to themselves" as they reconcile the feeling of being one person and multiple people at the same time, but the "sides" of these "conversations" are still the same person, and they do not "swap between personalities".

A fusion is split apart when its components stop thinking and feeling in sync. Sometimes, this can be set off by simple incompatibility - some Gems may be able to fuse briefly or when focused on a task, but can't tolerate sharing a mind without a distraction and will split apart. Sometimes a fusion can be divided by an external surprise or shock that causes the components to react very differently or "pull away" from the fusion. And, sometimes, even a usually-stable fusion can break up if its components are strongly conflicted about something.

Fusions will also split up if they are poofed.

Fusion can be hard to understand! If you need to see it in action, the SU episodes "Giant Woman" and "Alone Together" are recommended and relatively spoiler-free watching, and "Fusion Cuisine" has an example of an unstable fusion.

If you're already spoiled and need a refresher, add "Jail Break", "Cry For Help", and "Keystone Motel" to that list for examples of dysfunctional fusions and fusions breaking apart.

☆ Do fusions exchange memories?

Not unless you want them to.

The answer in SU canon seems to be no. While Gems' current emotional states can and do influence the outcome of their fusion, fusing with one another doesn't open a door to their memories, plans, or specific thoughts. While fused, fusions are their own entities with their own memories and senses of self, and that's what components will remember being part of after the fusion breaks.

However, Gems in Cosmo don't follow all the usual rules for being Gems! This is something that's up to the players planning a fusion together. By default, fusions do not exchange memories, but characters can exchange memories if both players agree on what to share.

Be sure not to assume memories were exchanged if you didn't get permission - that's infomodding!

☆ Why would my character fuse?

The main reason Gems fuse is to accomplish tasks they wouldn't be able to alone, like fighting powerful enemies, or getting that jar off the top shelf. Also, while sharing a mind with someone can be a stressful experience, some combinations of Gems find that they enjoy being fused, as it can be a very emotionally fulfilling experience if the components' personalities bolster one another.

From an RP perspective, fusion can create interesting CR!

☆ How do you RP fusions?

Everyone does it a little differently. It's a good idea to talk fusions out with the player you're cooperating with first, to figure out what the fusion looks like, what powers it has, and, most importantly, what its personality is like. From there, how exactly you play it is up to you - you can alternate tags like a normal three-or-more-person thread, or you can have one person play the whole fusion in a thread; you can use the component character journals, or make a new one.

☆ How does the registry work?

Registering a fusion isn't required to play it, but this list serves two purposes. First, for player reference - you can look over the fusions other people have done to get ideas for your own. Second, for fusions that have their own accounts, having those accounts marked down somewhere helps us mods manage the comms' member lists correctly and avoid sweeping any fusion accounts that are in use.

To add a fusion to the registry, just fill out the form at the bottom of the post and leave it in a comment to this page.

Aqua Kyanite ("Melissa")Berry | [personal profile] lifeisfun
Ichigo | [personal profile] strawberry_roll
Melissa is a fusion that takes life at her own pace, content to simply exist in the moment. However, when her friends are in danger, she narrows her focus down to a razor's edge, committing all of her prodigious strength to the task of protecting them.
Black DiamondAnri | [personal profile] perfectlynormalcthulhu
Rarity | [personal profile] fabulous_generosity
Black Diamond is an abnormally tall teenage girl with long, glossy black hair and four eyes wearing a frilly gothic lolita outfit. Her personality is almost overwhelmingly Rarity's as Anri's only real contribution is the hair. As a fusion, Black Diamond is fairly unstable due to Anri being spectacularly bad at dealing with people.
BronzitePyrrha Nikos | [personal profile] aura_spear
Yang Xiao Long | [personal profile] nailed_it
Yang's raw power guided by Pyrrha's unmatched skill and control. This fusion confidently faces any foe in battle with the knowledge that they are more than capable of laying waste to any that stand in their way, but tempered with benevolence and compassion towards those around them. Click here to read more about her!
Chrysanthemum StoneKanji Tatsumi | [personal profile] topgun_textiles
Naoto Shirogane | [personal profile] pishirogane
Combining ferocity with poise, Chrysanthemum Stone strikes down foes with her crystal crossbow when they're too far away for quick and brutal hand-to-hand combat. The forest and its denizens turn to her for leadership and answer her call, whether it's grasping vines or a pack of wolves.
DioptaseKanji Tatsumi | [personal profile] topgun_textiles
Adrien Agreste | [personal profile] modelcivilian
Bringing princely charm and feral beast together, Dioptase is a giant, four-armed fusion with regal poise and wild grace. His green cat eyes are mirthful as he thoroughly rends his opponent apart with a fanged smile on his face, but look out if his eyes turn yellow.
Fire OpalWeiss Schnee | [personal profile] weiss_nine
Yang Xiao Long | [personal profile] nailed_it
Business in the front and party in the back, Fire Opal is a performance artist with many feelings and nearly all of them are centered on one Ruby Rose. Click here to read more about her!
FuchsiteMinato Arisato | [personal profile] foolish_seal
Yang Xiao Long | [personal profile] nailed_it
A fairly mellow fusion although one extremely unimpressed with those who hold themselves above others. Fuchsite has Yang's body type and Minato's style and color palette despite her green gem. Click here to read more about her!
Healer's GoldJaune Arc | [personal profile] sociallyarcward
Pyrrha Nikos | [personal profile] aura_spear
A very tall, Amazonian warrior woman fusion. She has a ponytail similar to Pyrrha's but with Jaune's blonde hair -- except for a streak of bright red running through the right side of her hair. Her weapon is two shields with spikes on them that can be thrown and returned at will. One eye is blue and the other is green. She's competitive and likes to have fun, even on the field of battle.
Ruby ZoiciteApple White | [personal profile] cidery
Amelie Felice Amaryllis | [personal profile] onaroll
Ruby Zoisite is six and a half feet tall with four arms and ridiculously fluffy twintails. As the fusion of a Princess and a Grand Duchess, she herself is a Queen and communicates using the royal We. Her inherent ability is to create three golems of stone that obey her orders, because every Queen needs a cadre of loyal knights.
Tiger EyeBlake Belladonna | [personal profile] onemorechapter
Yang Xiao Long | [personal profile] nailed_it
Combines Blake's cool and collected personality with Yang's confidence and stylistic flair. Though somewhat monstrous in appearance, Tiger Eye has a sort of deadly beauty to her, like a masterfully crafted sword. Click here to read more about her!


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Canon updating your character in Cosmographia is a pretty simple process! Simply fill in the form below, giving us some details on what this canon update entails for your character and what changes it might have on them. Once it's posted and approved, you can then go ahead and have your character experience their canon update!

When apping a character to Cosmographia, we ask that players let us know what point of their canon the character is being taken from, to give the mods an idea of what sort of development and powers to expect. If there are events following the canon point chosen, you may canon update your character to a later point in time to give them experience of these events.

If your character has an AU (canon or player made/CRAU) that diverges from canon at a point after your initial canon point, you may choose to canon update to this point as well. For example, if a character’s canon has a spinoff AU that diverges from the end of their canon, the player may choose to canon update to this AU rather than the end of their original canon.

There are currently two options for characters going through canon updates; they may either return home through their hole, just as they arrived, and return to Waverly Bay shortly afterwards fresh from their new canon events. You can also have your character poof back into their Gem and reform from their new canon point.

The canon update form is as follows:

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This is the old version of the Locations post! Don't reference this. Use the new one instead.

Old Locations Post )
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Pardon our dust! We are still working on getting our new mod account up to snuff. Until things are properly hashed out, we can only provide some basic mod contact information for now:

Claire: her plurk is here. She is on GMT, from the UK.

Holo: her plurk is here.

Also note that our new mod email is and we will be checking that as often as possible, if you are not comfortable coming to us in any other ways. However, if there is any concern or problem going on, please come to us right away in whichever method you find best. We want to hear from you!
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Cosmographia is a game like many others, and needs its player base to being active and present to keep it running at its best. We want to encourage players to branch out and form new CR and truly engage with the game and its community. Due to this there will be a monthly activity check. Activity check posts go up on [community profile] cosmoooc on the 25th of every month. AC is completed simply by commenting to the AC post with a link to a thread which meets the AC requirements.



Nov. 28th, 2015 11:09 pm
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Drops from Cosmographia should be as drama-free as players want, both on the IC and OOC end of the spectrum. In general we recommend guilt-free drops of some kind, so please be kind to your CR when you make them! We ourselves have endeavored to make dropping simple!

If you want to specify how your character has dropped, there are a few methods:

☆ The default drop: Your character leaves the world of Cosmographia. While they may have purposefully been looking for an exit, this drop is reminiscent of how they came: There was simply, suddenly, a hole made for them. For this reason, your characters can only return from whence they came! No world hopping is enabled.

☆ For a slightly more dramatic and traumatic option, your character could have reverted to gem form and then simply...gone quiet. If a character was dropped in this fashion and then re-apped (by the same player), they can simply reform from their gem instead of returning to Waverly Bay through a hole.

Comment to this post with the form below to drop.


Just remember you can reapp at any time. (See the apps page for reapping!).
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Scrooge McDuck
[personal profile] moneymatters
Apple White
[personal profile] cidery
[personal profile] lifeisfun
Yuuya Sakazaki (Julien Sakazaki - Save the Earth AU)
[personal profile] espigeonage
[personal profile] perfectlynormalcthulhu
[personal profile] strawberry_roll
Star Ruby
[personal profile] velvet_mystique
Haruka Saigusa (CRAU)
[personal profile] mopocalypse
Adrien Agreste/Chat Noir
[personal profile] modelcivilian
Cat's Eye
Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug
[personal profile] porte_bonheur
Tiger Eye
[personal profile] fabulous_generosity
Blue Diamond
Rise Kujikawa (CRAU)
[personal profile] therealrisette
Naoto Shirogane (CRAU)
[personal profile] pishirogane
Moss Agate
Kanji Tatsumi (CRAU)
[personal profile] topgun_textiles
Ocean Jasper
Amelie Felice Amaryllis (OC)
[personal profile] onaroll
Rose Diamond
Alice Smith (TPP Fanlore)
[personal profile] trainersoftheworldunite
Marla (OC)
[personal profile] letsplayer
Yang Xiao Long
[personal profile] nailed_it
Fire Agate
Connie Maheswaran
[personal profile] connie_maheswaran
Cirno (AU)
[personal profile] frozenmemories
Naomi Kimishima (CRAU)
[personal profile] chatwithdeath
[personal profile] spookybloobloo
Reira Akaba
[personal profile] soft_focus
Blue Chalcedony
Masumi Kotsu (AU)
[personal profile] fragmentedfusion

To be added to this table, please create a Stats/Permissions post in your character journal and comment to this using the following form.


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Age Guessed or otherwise
Gem Gem
Permissions List any guidelines you have! This can be anything from "She does NOT want to play x, y, z" to "please contact me for any violence" to "kissing without asking is A-OK!"
NOTES Extra stuff goes here

code modified from [community profile] cawaii's original


You are welcome to use your own take on this form if you wish, but be sure that you retain all the information.
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