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Cosmographia is a game like many others, and needs its player base to being active and present to keep it running at its best. We want to encourage players to branch out and form new CR and truly engage with the game and its community. Due to this there will be a monthly activity check. Activity check posts go up on [community profile] cosmoooc on the 25th of every month. AC is completed simply by commenting to the AC post with a link to a thread which meets the AC requirements.


You must fulfill one of the following per character:
  • A thread of 15 comments or more
  • A thread involving an event challenge
  • A thread with new CR (a character you have never threaded with before)
  • Running a post, or posting a mingle provided that you play in at least one thread in that mingle

If you are newly apped for the month, you still do not need to provide proof of activity. We would appreciate you check in on the AC post regardless.

If you find yourself having a hard time meeting AC for any given month you may opt to take a strike, essentially giving you a free pass on that month's AC. In return, you must provide two proofs of activity when next month's AC rolls around. Please note that if we notice you repeatedly taking strikes again and again within a short period of time, we may contact you regarding your activity.

One week after AC has gone up the mods will post to [community profile] cosmoooc with a list of characters we could not find activity for on the last AC post. You must check this post even if you responded to the AC post. It is only if a character is listed and no one checks in that they will be idled. Characters who turned in their activity may still be listed for failing AC or due to administrative error, so it's important to always check to avoid accidentally getting idled.

We understand that sometimes life throws us curve balls, and extenuating circumstances are bound to happen. We want players to not feel stressed about the game and their activity during these situations, so if you need to please feel free to contact us.


Going on hiatus is as simple as commenting here on this post with the subject "Hiatus"! However, I bet you're interested in what options you have for a character to go on hiatus!

The default is that they got lost in the temple. It is very, very easy to do. It's huge, and practically a labyrinth! 

Another option is your character is able to tear themselves away from the setting and go on a trip, exploring the rest of the world. They won't get very far, and honestly there's a notable lack of major civilization. But it's a fun change of pace. If you want to do something fun with this option, please contact the mods first. 

Characters can also revert to gem form for a while, to hibernate and consolidate power. It could be that they pushed themselves too much and are simply exhausted.
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[personal profile] korekara 2017-02-14 08:58 pm (UTC)(link)

Takin' my laptop to get repaired this Saturday (the 18th). Gonna hiatus til the 18th of next month just in case a total disaster happens.