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Pardon our dust! We are still working on getting our new mod account up to snuff. Until things are properly hashed out, we can only provide some basic mod contact information for now:

Claire: her plurk is here. She is on GMT, from the UK.

Holo: her plurk is here.

Also note that our new mod email is wearethecrystalmods@gmail.com and we will be checking that as often as possible, if you are not comfortable coming to us in any other ways. However, if there is any concern or problem going on, please come to us right away in whichever method you find best. We want to hear from you!
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[personal profile] topgun_textiles 2017-05-16 03:42 pm (UTC)(link)
Howdy. Before I start, lemme stress that this is absolutely nothing against the two of you, I realize that life can get crazy and modding is a time-consuming and most of the time extremely thankless job. I've modded before, I've dealt with the good and the bad of it before. I could write a book about it.

But I'm gonna be That Guy.

It's two weeks until the game closes or downgrades into a sandbox. Where is the endgame?

I've been in a slew of games that, just like this one, don't even go out with a whimper as opposed to a bang. I've been in games that go out with a 'meh', and despite the 'aww this was my home game I'm going to miss it', the answer as to why some games end like that is abundantly clear: The mods stopped caring about the game and the people in it. The mods want to wash their hands of the whole thing and move on to other projects, their own game ideas or just be a player in another game elsewhere. That's fine! That's your right. You're not shackled to the game. But with how the game has been for MONTHS - practically a sandbox rather than a game with a plot - I and quite a few other players were hoping that there would be some sort of plot that would be a proper send-off to a game that's been running for two years.

I know that Cosmographia wasn't originally yours. I know that, because of this, it can be hard to cook metaplot or bring something to a satisfying conclusion. But what I'm asking and being That Guy about is where and when a conclusion will happen. At two weeks until Cosmo is considered over, all we have is a very slow and vague NPC post and nothing involving plotting, what'll happen next, or a real chance to give the game a proper send-off.

Where's the endgame? If there isn't any, or you're too busy or not in the mindset to finish things off, the least that can be done is some sort of announcement. Letting people in on things like this is part of being a mod. Because what it's looking like now is that May 31st will come around, nothing has been posted, and the game sinks quietly into the night. Things like this don't make future prospects look good if you're choosing to mod something later on, which I know one of you is planning over Plurk. It doesn't instill faith in players to come to future games you make.

Overall, is there a plan or not?