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Canon Updating

Canon updating your character in Cosmographia is a pretty simple process! Simply fill in the form below, giving us some details on what this canon update entails for your character and what changes it might have on them. Once it's posted and approved, you can then go ahead and have your character experience their canon update!

When apping a character to Cosmographia, we ask that players let us know what point of their canon the character is being taken from, to give the mods an idea of what sort of development and powers to expect. If there are events following the canon point chosen, you may canon update your character to a later point in time to give them experience of these events.

If your character has an AU (canon or player made/CRAU) that diverges from canon at a point after your initial canon point, you may choose to canon update to this point as well. For example, if a character’s canon has a spinoff AU that diverges from the end of their canon, the player may choose to canon update to this AU rather than the end of their original canon.

There are currently two options for characters going through canon updates; they may either return home through their hole, just as they arrived, and return to Waverly Bay shortly afterwards fresh from their new canon events. You can also have your character poof back into their Gem and reform from their new canon point.

The canon update form is as follows:

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[personal profile] soft_focus 2017-02-22 09:48 pm (UTC)(link)
Character Name: Reira Akaba
Canon: Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V
Original Canon Point: Ep 99
New Canon Point: Ep 140
Any Changes?: WELL YES.

First of all however, is that the series has thrown a few subtle curve balls in the form of common anime tropes that lack an actual confirmation; specifically, because of a combined lack of pronoun usage in the actual series, and a 'dramatic hat hair reveal' (look at those locks), there's a chance that Reira's biological sex might...not actually be male. For the sake of keeping things simple, I'll be using neutral pronouns until the series end to see if it ends up confirmed or denied, but since there's additional evidence that they might be a girl (such as 'Reira' being overwhelmingly a Girl Only Name in Japan), I might come back in a month with an official 'AU Turn-over'.

Tl;dr of that, omitted pronouns and hair reveals and name origins and sudden changes in the first person pronouns (Reira switched from 'Boku' to 'Watashi') are heavily implying the kid has been a girl the entire time, canon has yet to confirm or deny it, so I'll be using neutral terms while leaning 'gal' until the time comes to officially say 'It's Canon' or 'AU'.


After the last canon point, it turns out Reiji and Reira and others found their own way to the Fusion Dimension, where they rendezvous with the others to storm Academia. While most of them hang back to face incoming Obelisk Force soldiers, Reira, Reiji, and Sora all run ahead to face Leo. In the subsequent escalation of events, Reira witnesses the reveal of Leo's plan for the four girls (Fuse Them into One alongside the dimensions, since it turns out they were originally his daughter and Reiji's elder sister-who split into four and split the dimensions into four to stop Zarc-the guy who then split into four creating Yuuya, Yuuto, Yuugo, and Yuuri). It's also revealed that the kid is hyper sensitive not only to the energy and soul of Zarc/the Darkness that Zarc is/all four of those dragons, but also to Ray herself. After the intensity of the dragon's rage causes Reira to pass out, the girls vanish into 'Arc V', the pocket dimension that will eventually become the united dimension once more. When Reira awakens, 'Ray' begins to contact them, telling the child that she needs to be allowed to revive in order to stop the now inevitable resurrection of Zarc. To that end, Reira develops such a strong resolve to do what they feel is right, that they face Reiji himself in a duel over this matter; Reira even attempts to sway Reiji's opinion with the fact that it is Ray, not Reira who is Reiji's biological sibling...showing an immense understanding of 'greater good' vs 'desire'.

This is even more clear when Reira outright sacrifices themselves to stop the antagonist. After everyone, including Reiji, has lost, Reira enters Arc-V to allow Ray to possess their body-they then act as her vessel and partner to face Zarc themselves, successfully defeating him with ease. But to prevent history from repeating, and to allow not only the boys, but also the girls peace, Reira seals Zarc within themselves...even while understanding that they will need to be reborn as a result.

In summary, Reira's more than just recovered from their PTSD. They've come to better understand the gravity of actions in the world, while becoming capable of immense forgivness. Reira forgives Leo, and asks for Reiji to do the same for the sake of them still having each other at the end. Reira tearfully faces Reiji, the brother they look up to, understanding that even Reiji can be 'wrong'. They have been forced to understand that conflict can come between the ones you love-but, at the same time, it does not have to keep them apart, even when the disagreement persists.

...Of course, it also means that (assuming there's no angry Zarc Soul Tag-along when kiddo wakes) Reira is now about to regenerate with the full knowledge that they sort of are about to No Longer Properly Exist where they came from.

So that's awkward.

With mod permission, if this update could technically take effect through the event, with Reira awaking in a regenerated form reflecting that hair reveal though, I'd be really grateful!