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Locations - Outlying

Deep in the Temple, at the end of a once-indistinct path that's now well marked, lies the warp pad room. Each of the raised crystalline pedestals here - and there's a lot of them! - is connected to another warp pad elsewhere on Earth. Most of them aren't in working order right now, their companion pads having been damaged by time and other things, but for those that do, the locations they lead to are listed here.

The warp pads can be activated by any Gem. Like other default Gem abilities, warp pad activation may come naturally or be difficult to master, depending on individual circumstances. Humans, animals, and other non-Gem beings, as well as corrupted Gems, can't activate warp pads.

These warp pads only lead between two locations - to travel between one outlying location and another, Gems must return to the warp pad room, find the appropriate warp, and use that one, rather than being able to warp there directly.

Have questions about any location details? Comment to this page or contact a mod to ask. Any noticeable details that characters uncover will be added to the information on-page.

Strawberry Fields

A vast stretch of meadows and hills and floating chunks of land blanketed in strawberry plants. Even the bushes and trees here grow strawberries year-round, against all botanical logic. The improbable view is made even stranger by the ancient relics of war left embedded in the earth to be swallowed up by the strawberries. These weapons are pitted and weathered, showing their age.

Gem monsters frequently appear here, almost as though drawn to these hills. Though the monsters vary drastically, most of them act similarly while wandering the Strawberry Fields, alternating between calm meandering and tense, restless patrolling. Almost without exception, monsters in the Fields fly into a rage when they notice the presence of Gems or other animate beings, including other monsters.

(This location is nearly identical to the Steven Universe location it's based on. Besides the changes listed below, which are the results of player character actions, some basic differences can be observed: there are fewer weapons left scattered around, there are more trees and large plants, and there are simple suspension bridges between some of the floating islands.)

Current Status:
Contamination Trail - A path of opalized foliage (and sparkling dust, where it's been trampled down) stretches from the warp pad to a small crater on a distant hill, where the effect spreads out around the wreckage of a Gem satellite. The glittering path was created when a team of Gems retrieved a power source from the satellite, and the energy it radiated petrified the surrounding plants. The contamination effect is gone and will spread no further, but these plants and the soil beneath them are dead.

Tanzanite's Pond - Amidst gouges on the ground from a fairly recent battle, a steadily bubbling spring feeds a large pond that's settled into a low spot in the field. The pond is home to sparse plant life, but no fish, frogs, or other aquatic animals.

The Greatsword - Some distance along the opalized trail, a monster's acidic leavings have burnt back the strawberries to reveal a giant sword half-buried in the earth. It's not the only fusion-sized blade in these hills, but it appears significantly younger than the rest - centuries, not millennia. Those who can read the script of Gem Homeworld will find a word etched over the geometric patterns on the hilt - "Zirconia".

Mountaintop Observatory

An observatory of Gem construction, situated high in the mountains. The altitude is such that the air is thin - while Gems can adjust to the environment, animals and other organic life might not fare well if brought here. Monsters do not appear here unless deliberately brought. They suffer no ill effects from the altitude, but have no interest in the location normally.

The interior of the Observatory consists of a main hall preceded by a lobby, a hall and staircase leading to a telescope room, and two side rooms. The first floor, in its original state, can be seen on this map.

The lobby contains a nine-foot-tall statue of a humanoid figure holding a planet in each hand and looking skywards. She bears a generic circular gem shape on her chest just under her collarbone, but otherwise has no identifying features, and the figure does not have a mouth or pupils. There is an inscription on the base of the statue.

The main hall is a large, empty rectangular room. The ceiling is normally translucent, being made of a clear, seamless crystal, but it can be switched on from the tower to project an image from the telescope.

The artifact room to the east is cluttered with shelves full of countless small trinkets. All are relics from original Homeworld Gem structures, and most are tagged with hang tags labeled in a Gem script. Levitating orbs in the center of the room form a model of Earth's solar system, from the Sun to Pluto. The orbs light up in different colors when touched.

The chart room to the west seems to be a long-abandoned work space. It contains many star charts and archived data from the Observatory's operational days, as well as terrestrial maps of specific places on Earth (though none cover a large enough area to be recognizable). Some of these maps have small drawings of what appears to be monumental architecture. Many of the maps, diagrams, and other sundry bits of paper are heavily doodled on and annotated in the same script found in the eastern room. The eastern room also contains bookshelves, which in turn contain astronomical texts from various eras of human history. Many of these books are very old and falling apart.

The telescope tower is full of various Gem machines and computerish consoles for observing and recording astronomical things. If you know more about astronomy than we do and you ask "do they have a (thing)" the answer is probably yes. The power terminal is located here, and power to other rooms of the Observatory can be turned on or off from there.

The walls of the telescope tower and the hall leading to it behind the lockable door resist teleportation and attempts to teleport into or out of those areas will fail, for any entity with teleportation abilities.

(This location is original to Cosmographia. It debuted in the July event, and was restored to working condition then.)

Current Status:
Power On - A Gem-tech power source is secured in the Observatory's power terminal, keeping its systems running. The telescope and attached computers can be used to examine the sky and track celestial phenomena. A view from the telescope can be projected onto the ceiling of the main hall. The "chandelier" lights in the side rooms emit light. The door from the main hall to the tower can be power-locked from inside the tower.

Repaired Statue - The head and one arm of the statue in the lobby are held in place by duct tape.

Cleared Rubble - The caved-in corner of the main hall has been cleared away, allowing access to the chart room. The gap in the ceiling and wall has been temporarily covered, preventing significant snowfall into the hall, but it is very drafty.

Mask Island

A lone land mass out in the ocean, with no other land visible from its shores. It’s a beautiful secluded tropical area, every bit the image of a deserted tropical island. The island's name may come from its unusual wildlife - many of the fish, frogs, and other animals that live here have odd, expressive faces...

Flying or swimming across the open ocean around the island may be dangerous or exhausting for those unused to sea travel, but a sufficiently determined Gem with the ability to do so would find that Mask Island is several hours to the northwest of Waverly Bay, as the crow flies. The island has three general terrain zones, moving from the shore to the island's center.

The shore is mostly sandy beaches, with some cliffs and flat meadows before the land rises as you go inland. The beaches are scattered with shells and debris washed up from the ocean, and are home to crabs and other shoreline critters.

A ring of dense jungle takes up most of the island's land area; the ground rises steadily the further towards the center you go, so don't trip on roots. The jungle is abundant with plant and small animal life, and in most places the sky isn't even visible through the thick tree canopy. Exploring the jungle will turn up occasional groves where emotion flowers grow en masse - unlike in the secret garden, where many kinds of flowers grow together, these groves tend to be dense populations of a single color of flower with no other colors in sight.

At the heart of the island, the jungle subsides, and steep hills form a high point from which the rest of the island can be seen. Most of these hills are hollow, and many have openings - the interiors are craggy and often jeweled, like giant geodes.

The largest hill houses the Griffon Village, a cavern carved out in ancient times by an unknown architect. It features many pillars, platforms, and small burrows, and is the home lair of the population of griffons that lives on Mask Island.

(This location is similar, but not identical to the Steven Universe location it's based on. Refer to this page primarily for location info.)

Current Status:
Friendly Griffons - The griffons of Mask Island are, despite their bright, jewel-tone colors, apparently regular animals - albeit very intelligent ones. They hunt small animals and gather fruit all over Mask Island, and roost in the Griffon Village at night. Their leader is a royal-blue female (called Royal in mod narration).

During the September event, a group of Temple Gems "saved" the griffons from Hawk's Eye in monster form, who had descended from the skies and made a lot of alarming noise at them. They also befriended a fuschia griffling (called Fandango in mod narration), who vouched for them before Royal. Gems in general are regarded by the griffons with a bit of wariness at first, but eventually in a friendly way, so long as they don't attack any griffons or disrupt their hunting. With good behavior, they may be invited to the Griffon Village, or allowed to ride willing griffons through the air over Mask Island. Griffons will also warn Gems who are approaching groves of negative emotion flowers (and attempt to draw them away from the more potent ones) and may show them where to find edible fruit and other spots of interest on the island.

The Hippocamp's Lair - During the September event, a group of Temple Gems poofed a seagoing monster that had holed up in a tidal cave on Mask Island's shore. Its lair is a rather spacious cavern littered with the remains of a yacht it had stolen from a dock elsewhere in the world. The back of this cave connects to the Underground Passage.

Underground Passage - A long, unnaturally smooth tunnel stretches from the Hippocamp's lair to a pitfall in the jungle on the other side of the island. The pitfall is concealed by viney plants that regrow rapidly when cut through, and are surrounded by fear-inducing emotion flowers.

At about the midpoint of the tunnel, it widens into a small room, lit by a skylight covered in the same quickly-growing vines. In this room, set perpendicular to the direction of the tunnel, is a sturdy set of stone double doors engraved with a geometric pattern. The door is sealed and there is no mechanism to unlock it.


A bustling little town sitting on the coast with a quaint sort of air and a historical association very passionate about keeping it that way. While a little smaller than some of the huge cities Gems might be used to back home, it still dwarfs Waverly Bay in comparison. Gems who care to check for that sort of thing will find that Bricktown is about three hours and some change by car northeast of Waverly Bay. It’s also far away enough from the Temple that spending an extended amount of time here will begin making Gems feel increasingly homesick for the Temple, making living here an unfortunate impossibility.

Most of the buildings in Bricktown look as though they were copy-pasted from the late 1800s, but thankfully the town has all the modern amenities you’d expect from such a busy urban settlement. Like Waverly Bay, its scenic views of the ocean and aggressively maintained old-fashion feel keeps a steady stream of tourists passing through.

The Warp Pad lets out into the plaza right slap bang in the middle of town. Nice and convenient, given that the plaza leads out onto Main Street.

Main Street will carry you through the heart of the town and past most of the shops. As well as the usual tourist brick-a-brack stores, there’s a few that may be of interest to Gems as they can’t be found in Waverly Bay.

Fishergate Shopping Mall - A two-storey mall sat right in the heart of Bricktown. It’s donut shaped, with shops occupying the ring and the hole filled with multiple glass elevators available to take shoppers to the second floor they like. The roof is made of clear glass, letting in a lot of natural light and making it a cheery place to shop on bright, sunny days. The majority of businesses here are national chains though there’s a handful of local businesses too. Unfortunately for Gems looking to expand their own businesses, there doesn’t seem to be any vacant premises for the time being.
The entire bottom floor is a food court and rest area for shoppers. There’s a NebulEuros here for anyone craving a familiar drink and a slightly more up-to-date McDuffs for anyone who needs a fast food fix. There’s some other places to eat here as well;
    Chamomile Reverie - A cozy little Victorian styled tearoom that sells all manner of fancy teas. You can sit in for tea and order some cake and piggyback off the free WiFi. The teahouse also sells everything you need to steep your own tea back at home and are happy to sell small bags of their own tea blends to customers.
    Raw Elements - A vegetarian and vegan friendly restaurant, with a slant towards health food. They serve fancy, healthy food as well as all different kinds of smoothies. It’s up to you as to if you’re brave enough to try any of their blends. It’s decorated in sleek lime green and white and brings to mind the image of a high-end gym.
    La Cupid - An outrageously fancy and expensive patisserie that serves authentic French pastries and desserts. There’s no word on how authentic any of the French on the menu is, though. It’s decorated all in dark wood with gold and pink trim here and there. It’s a popular dating spot, if you can handle the hit to your wallet.

The first floor is a little more varied. Most of the shops here are part of well-established chains.
    Cee - A movie theatre with two screens, showing all the latest flicks. Tickets and snacks are a little expensive, but the seats are comfy and the sound quality is excellent. Just be sure not to step in anything sticky. Be sure to avoid using real canon names for movies to avoid unfair fourth walling of potential applicants.
    VidSpot - If you’re finally getting sick of the free to pay shlock on your phone then you can visit VidSpot and see if there’s anything that catches you eye. VidSpot sells consoles and PC accessories as well as video games and a small handful of blurays and gift cards. Again, be sure to avoid using real canon names for any games/movies to avoid unfair fourth walling of potential applicants.
    Aye, Aye! - A cute little clothes shop with a seafaring theme to the decoration. All the clothes here are handmade and follow a similar trend of summery, seafaring fashion. In the back of the store, there’s a small haberdashery selection as well. They’ve got beads, buttons, laces, threads – any and all the supplies you’d need to start a sewing project. They stock some bolts of cotton in a handful of strips as well but if you’re looking to stock up for making your own clothes you might want to shop elsewhere.
    Get Ripped! - A paradise for fitness junkies, Get Ripped! is kitted out in stark red colours and plastered with posters and displays of shirtless and unnervingly muscular men. The general idea seems to be to intimidate you into wanting to get fit and buy something. Despite the decoration, the selection is fairly legitimate and it’s a good place to stop by if you’re on a fitness kick.
    KannKoi - A sugary sweet little store all in bubblegum pink and pastel colours. While the main sell is all the cute beauty and hair products, it also doubles as a drug store in case you’re ever looking for a chemist.
    Sunrise Book Store - A cozy bookstore that’d pass the inspection of any seasoned bookworm. There’s soft chairs and beanbags scattered around for you to page through a book before buying. The majority of the books being sold are fiction, but there’s sizable sections for non-fiction as well as graphic novels and manga. If you’re into that.

Once you’ve passed through town, you’ll find yourself at the ocean. The shoreline is carefully maintained to keep it accessible for tourists and residents alike and it’s an excellent place to finish off a visit.

Fishergate Marina - A charming little marina that’s filled with yachts and boats. There’s also a dive shop here where you can either arrange for a quick scuba diving trip or have yourself sped around the waters for a bit by an experience sailor. The boats filling the marina are mostly occupied with full-time residents but there’s five set aside and available for overnight rental by tourists as a sort of hotel room on the water. It’s a bit expensive but the novelty is probably worth it.
The Beach - Well. It’s the beach. Probably not quite as exciting for Waverly Bay residents. But there’s an ice cream truck here, so there's that!

As a final note, though the residents of Bricktown aren’t quite as used to Gems, thanks to their distance from the Temple, they’re quite aware of their existence and their presence in the world. Like Waverly Bay, Gems will generally be met with warm welcomes and encouragement to keep up the good work in protecting the world.

Current Status:
Infestation - Bricktown is currently infested by a large number of Slugs of Unusual Size (and grossness). None of the residents have any idea where they came from but would very much like them to leave.

Location Changes
Has your character done something in one of these areas that other characters would take notice of? This is where you can make sure major changes get recorded when they happen outside an event or Excursion.