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Locations - Waverly Bay

Welcome to Waverly Bay!
Waverly Bay is a small sea...uh, bayside town, located somewhere in Earth's southern hemisphere. The climate is fairly warm, rarely dropping snow on the town even in the chilliest days of July, and bathing the town in oven-like heat on the sunniest January weekends. The town enjoys a small but reliable flow of summer tourism, and boasts a number of attractions that keep those vacationers coming back, including pristine beaches, a cute little amusement park, great fishing...and, of course, the bayside temple inhabited by polymorphic magical rocks.

The people of Waverly Bay have long lived beside the temple and become accustomed to the steady stream of strangeness it churns out. Before Gems started emerging from it in quantity, it was inhabited by the Gem known as "Tiger" or Tiger's Eye, who's been a familiar face in town as long as anyone can remember, and who left on a long mission shortly before the events of the game began. They've since adapted well to all the new faces wandering their streets and blowing holes in their beaches, and, if asked, will say that Gems are defenders of humankind and welcome in their town - even the less predictable ones! When they come into conflict with Gems, their first reaction is almost always to request help from another Gem, trusting the magical beings to keep order in their own ranks.

The Gem Temple
Temple Face - The entrance to the Temple is "guarded" by a great statue carved into a cliffside facing the bay. Her many arms gesture calmly, but sternly, at nothing in particular. (Note: not the same Temple from SU. Similar, but this is a carving of a completely different many-armed woman, if SU canon characters care to compare.)

The entrance is a simple cave mouth with a carved entrance and walls, but no door. There's a wide, lobby-like space just inside before the chamber splits off into halls, where Gems can gather together or shelter from the weather.

Residence Halls - The ground-floor corridors of the temple are lined with many doors; each belongs to a specific Gem summoned to Waverly Bay, takes on a soft luminescence in the color of their gem, and will open only for that Gem. The room within is created by the Temple to the specifications of its owner, giving them whatever living space they desire.

The rooms do have limitations - they can only create up to a house-sized space before starting to stutter and "glitch", they're incapable of creating real food, medicine, or other objects with effects lasting outside the room, any other objects they create will vanish if taken out of the room, and any animals or thinking beings they create are not capable of independent decisions and will behave as the room's owner wants them to behave. Objects from the outside world can be kept safely in rooms and later removed without gaining the same "illusory" qualities.

The doors are many, but not infinite, and the Temple has been known to "recycle" the doors of departed Gems to give new ones access to their rooms, while vanished Gems' rooms and everything in them seem to disappear along with their owner. The colors that spread over and fade from doors are a sign of which Gems currently have a home in the Temple, but since doors have been known to "forget" owners who wander far enough from the Temple, they're not a guaranteed sign of a Gem's status in this world.

Depths of the Temple - Hallways that point down into the earth lead to a maze of caverns, some mundane, some wondrous. It's hard to believe that these corridors lie under Waverly Bay...but then again, magic is involved.

Despite the winding nature of the caves, Gems will find that it's actually not easy to get lost down here - they'll have an odd, innate sense for the direction the Temple Heart is in, and following that sense will get them back to a reference point in no time.

The paths from the residence halls to the Heart room, and from each of those points to the warp pad room, are clearly marked with directions painted on the wall.

Heart Room - This room is the first place new arrivals will see; they tumble out of a hole in the wall, and into the Heart Room. The room is named for the Temple Heart, a large, iridescent crystal at the center of the room that pulses rhythmically with light in many colors. Touching this crystal fills Gems with resolve, and with awareness of their true nature. For newly-arrived Gems, this is a valuable source of [information] on who they are, where they are, and what they can do. A sign labeled "Touch Me!" has been firmly mounted to the Heart.

The Temple Heart is a default "home point" for the Gems that appear in this Temple; its presence is innately, if mysteriously, welcoming, and bubbled gems will teleport here almost without exception. Those bubbled gems float around the top of the room, out of normal reach, which is good because if they are popped they will dispense monsters.

Warp Pad Room - A properly carved-out but old-looking room, illuminated by crystals that give the whole place a funny green tint. It's full of warp pads. The ones that work have cute tiger stickers on them.

Secret Garden - Somewhere in the caves is a door, and behind that door is a particularly large chamber, and in that chamber...is a garden. The high ceiling is scattered with luminous stones that cast the whole room into mysterious twilight, while more brightly glowing orbs on pedestals offer light near the ground. A stream of water spills out of one wall and winds across the room to vanish into a pond beneath the other. And all the flowers here, on closer examination, aren't quite flowers at all - they're not plant but mineral, with chalky stems and glittering crystal petals.

The flowers here look pretty and harmless, but plucking them and handling the petals will cause characters to be overcome with one of any number of emotions, from deep contentment to violent rage. The effects may vanish as soon as the flower is dropped, or linger for up to a few minutes. Just inside the door to the garden, a basket has been set down with a number of explanatory pamphlets inside.

At the center of the garden sits a gazebo, and a staircase spirals down from the center of that gazebo into yet another chamber. This one is much smaller, and much more eerie - large, smooth, yellowish stones are embedded in the wall here, and strange, fantastical creatures are embedded in the stone, bringing to mind flies in amber. There's a conspicuously empty space in the middle of the room, with a pockmark on the ground where another stone once was.

In Town - Places to Eat
General Grocery Store – Exactly what you'd expect! With a nice big sign saying “GROCERIES” on it (hey, no one said the owners were the creative type) it's easy enough to find. In here you can find most basic necessities and food items you need to survive. Liquor is also available but you better be good at convincing Ma and Pa that you're of age!
The owners have worked out an agreement with the gems to give new gems their first $30 worth of groceries for free upon arrival, once presented with a one-use voucher. Be sure to pick one up from the Gem treasury! (Currently maintained by Darin ([personal profile] forgeabettertomorrow.)

Traveler's Wares International Market – After the temple became populated again with gems of all ethnicities, one of the townsfolk saw a golden business opportunity. Traveler's Wares has every foreign food item your characters won't be able to find in the general grocery store and if it doesn't? Ask the owner and he'll order it in for you! Unfortunately since all the items are imported, the prices are a bit higher than other places. But hey, you'll have miso and authentic curry spices!
Traveler's Wares is also the only place in town you can find bubble tea, sold and prepared by the owner's wife as a side business.

The Farmer's Market – Occurs weekly in the town plaza every Thursday. You can find almost anything at the Farmer's Market, all home made and home grown. Gems are also welcome to set up shop and sell their own wares at the market, but it costs a small fee for a spot.

Eleventy/Seventy – The local convenience store and the only place in town opened 24/7. Full of all sorts of junk food and pre-made food that'll proooooobably do bad things to your tummy, this place is ideal for all of your late night munchies. Or even your mid day munchies!

Poppin' Pizza – A popular hang out for the locals, Poppin' Pizza has a slick 60's mod decor interior and serves the best (and only!) pizza in town! Their specialty is the seafood pizza, made with locally caught seafood, but if that doesn't strike your fancy don't worry, they have all your usual pizza types as well. Want something custom-made? Go ahead and ask the head cook; she loves a good pizza challenge and is more than willing to make anything you want! Does delivery, but will not enter the temple.

Cod 'n Spuds – The more simplistic of the local restaurants, Cod 'n Spuds doesn't have a whole lot going for it on the interior front... or on the menu side. The only thing available is what it says on the tin: fish and chips. All of which locally sourced from farmers and fishers in town. Just make sure you don't ask for “french fries” instead of chips/spuds, or you'll be bluntly told to head over to McDuff's instead. Take out is available but not delivery.

NebulEuros – The local cafe, specializing in coffee like drinks, with a few basic food products also for sale. With free wifi, comfy chairs and fully customizable drinks it's a popular chill spot for a lot of local young folk. That being said it is a little pretentious, from its intentionally hard to say name to the size chart (small = comet, medium = planet, large = star), so don't be too surprised to hear some crazy orders on a regular basis.

Tiers of Joy Bakery – A small tucked away quaint bakery with sickeningly cute decor and even more sickeningly cute products. The place mostly specializes in cakes of all kinds but also offers all types of bread, cookies and pastries. Tiers of Joy is also the supplier of NebulEuros' baked goods, so thank them for your delicious cake pops.

Ice To Eat You – An ice cream parlour located close to the beach. Despite the morbid name, the draw of Ice To Eat You is they have every flavor you can think of – even smelt! In addition they also offer customizable sundaes, milkshakes, and floats. The variety and the cute seating makes it a popular date location.
The store used to have a giant ice cream cone on top but this unfortunately fell after a monster attack and has yet to be replaced.

McDuff's – The lone fast food chain establishment in town. Once shiny and new, the building is now run down, but the food is still surprisingly fine for fast food quality. Along with french fries and McNuggies you can get any kind of burger you want there, from the ever popular Big Duff, chicken burgers, fish burgers, shrimp burgers and even some uh... weirder ones. Breakfast is from 5 am to 11 am, and the only Joyful Meal toys available at any time are the Baby Beanys.

Lucky Shamrock Tavern – A pub that quickly became a well-known and favored hangout for natives and gems who like to imbibe. Located a short walk from the General Grocery Store, it seems like a relic from years gone by, with a tacky shamrock motif, terrible green paintjob and a barely-functioning karaoke machine. Drinking contests are a regular occurrence.

Sup All Nite Diner - A medium-sized diner, located near the Lucky Shamrock Tavern. Interior is your typical diner standard with booths, tables, and counter seating, although the color palette of faded day-glo orange paint and smoke-darkened chrome leaves a little to be desired. Open 24/7 (for when you need a sobering cup of coffee after midnight or an early morning wake-up), though only the counter bar seats are open between the hours of 11 PM to 5 AM, with a limited menu and a skeleton crew of one cook and two wait-staff. Table seating and waited service is available during regular business hours. Food is your typical diner mix of assorted warm and cold sandwiches, subs, chicken and turkey entrees, and, if you're feeling daring, liver and onions. Breakfast options like eggs, omelettes, waffles, pancakes, french toast, and corn beef hash are all day. Dessert options are pies, cakes, and cookies provided by the local Tiers of Joy Bakery, and all frozen desserts feature ice cream from Ice to Eat You.

In Town - Places to Shop
Julep Thrift – Looking for some clothes for cheap? Or maybe just hoping to have luck looking for something? This thrift store not only sells second hand clothes but also any other donatable item you can think of. Old books? Check. Old toys? Check. Old cutlery? Check. Worthless Bassist Hero controllers no one wants anymore? Check, check and check! You're also free to donate your own unneeded items here as well.

Mary-Ann's Fabric and Fashion – If second hand, hand made or shapeshifted clothing isn't your kind of thing, this place offers a wide variety of clothing for all seasons. The only downside is it's far from cheap, but if you're the fashion type then this is definitely up your alley. The store also sells fabric and sewing supplies, so if you'd rather make your own clothes this is one way to acquire what you need.
And before you ask, no the owner's name is not Mary-Ann.

The Motherboard: Electronics Store – If you're in need of a phone or computer (necessary to access any of the game's internet outside of one's own temple room) this is your place to get one! But don't expect anything too top of the line: the stock is quite limited, and most of it is embarrassingly old (VCRs? In this day and age?). Modern phones are available but your choices are limited to smart phones pre-loaded with undeletable “free to play” schlock (Queen's Gem Crush Saga, Irate Poultry, and LikeLive! to name a few) and... Blackberries. Just a whole bunch of Blackberries. But at least the Blackberries come in all colors!

Gemsona Jewels – A jewelry store that also doubles as a jewel appraisal. The owner is a big fan of the crystal gems, and will likely fangirl you a little if you stop by. Here's hoping though that none of your fallen comrades end up here by mistake!

BoxBomber Movie Rentals – Bet you never thought you'd see one of these again! Somehow the one here has managed to keep afloat. They have a wide variety of movies (VHS and DVD), TV shows and a smaller selection of video games, so anything you want you can probably find. However, all movies/tv shows/games must be parody names of their real life counterparts. This is to avoid unfair fourth walling of appable characters. So you can watch “Moulin Bleu!” but not “Moulin Rouge!”, “Pocket Creatures” but not “Pocket Monsters”, etc.

Cuddles and Snuggles Pet Store – Does your character want a pet? Then this is the place for them! Feel free to get any pet you like from here (within reason – we'd like to ask you use your discretion with anything too exotic that wouldn't be found in a small town pet store). You can get supplies, toys and food for your pets as well.

In Town - Services, Attractions, and Public Facilities
Town Plaza - Located in the center of town, the plaza is a large open area with a fountain and benches. The farmer's market is held here, and on days where there is no farmer's market you are free to sell your wares with no fee.

Post Office – Just your typical post office! You won't have much use for this in game, but if you've ordered anything online you can pick it up here.

Waverly Bay Clinic – A walk in clinic more so for the townsfolk than for the gems. Can't treat anything too serious unfortunately.

Waverly Bay Library – A public library for your use. It's only one floor and very modest in size, but its selection is still good for a small town. Don't bother trying to find books about the Gem War here though; weirdly enough no information seems to be available anywhere, here or online.

Hotel Carolina (with spa) – The only hotel in town. Without many visitors most of their income comes from the spa and pool they open to the public. Try not to think too hard about the name.

Amusement Park – Small enough to be more of a year round fair than an amusement park, this place only has a merry go round, ferris wheel, roller coaster, arcade and a few stalls selling your standard amusement park fare. The arcade is well maintained though and has plenty of games.

In The Buff Gym - In The Buff is Waverly Bay's local gym. It's small and many of its equipment is a little outdated, but it has at least one of most of the machines one could want out of a gym experience. If the mats smell a little funky or a couple of the punching bags have duct tape on them, well. Shut up.
You can pay a price for one-time admission or sign up for a membership if you so desire. They don't have quite enough staffing for personal trainers, but there are guided yoga sessions every Tuesday and Friday.

Waverly Pray - Waverly Pray is the Bay's local all-denominations religious center. In a town this small it really is most cost-effective to just have one big church, or at least that's what the people who opened it up seem to think. The building itself is two floors tall and homey, and there's a constantly-updating sign by the door with meeting times and room assignments for different denominations. Many of the more major Bay religions have a permanent room assignment and weekly meeting times, while others switch out and shift around as they please.
The building itself is managed by a few dedicated staff, including the secretary, with whom all room reservations and more permanent space signups can be made. They also provide a complementary but limited selection of coffee, tea and water in the foyer. Rooms themselves are outfitted with folding chairs and tables that can be moved around as you like, and groups with more permanent spaces are encouraged to decorate them to their liking. Just don't mind the old, unfortunately-patterned carpeting.
In response to the new offworld Bay residents, there is now a printed sign beneath the room assignment board that is also present posted to the bulletin board within. It says, among other things, 'NO human sacrifices on premises' and 'NO summoning ANYTHING!!!'.

Waverly Bay Colosseum - Built for the first ever Waverly Bay Gem tournament, this stone coliseum stands on its own little island of sorts some several yards off-shore of the Temple's end of the beach, connected to it by a sandy land bridge. While all of the decoration for the event has been taken down, the interior still sports a raised arena for combat and training purposes that is free for anyone to use. Some of the equipment leftover from the tournament (weights, some targets, etc) can be found stacked neatly off to one side and is also available for use but don't count on it being kept up or replaced if broken unless another gem has been gracious enough to do so. You break it, you buy the replacement. (Reference page here!)

Empty Buildings/Warehouses – Many of these litter the town and are ideal if your character would like to start up their own business!

Out of Town
Light House – Abandoned. It sits on the outskirts of town, on top of the cliff the temple is built into.

Schrodinger's Forest – Densely surrounds one side of the town. The name is a puzzling one but then again, apparently to locals so is the forest's existence.

Junkyard – Exactly what it says. Here you can find all sorts of material to salvage for your own means. A mechanic maintains the place, on the inland side of Waverly Bay.

Ocean Junkyard - These massive piles of trash were pushed to the far, far side of the beach on the opposite side of the Temple and relatively close to the regular Junkyard. All of it is stuff that was on the ocean floor and everything in the piles is probably dealing with massive amounts of water damage, rust, and the growth of sea life (former sea life, since it was brought to the surface and probs died).
All this stuff got on shore when Walter slew a giant sea monster on the shores and all the built-up garbage on its back fell, leaving Percy to use his control over the waves to shove it where it's not in the middle of the beach and obstructing literally everything.

The Stage – A stage facing towards the beach, used for a variety of town events. Free to use by anyone, gems included!

Farms – There's a couple of these being run on the outskirts of town, but there's also a few abandoned ones as well. Your characters are free to do with those as they please.

Aventurine's Tree - A monolith of a plant, grown by Jane and Berry's fusion Aventurine. It sits on the hill by the lighthouse, and if one climbs up to its branches, they will find a wide variety of fruits and vegetables growing there.

The Garden Plots - Multiple plots at the top of the temple cliff, by the foot of the lighthouse, where Gems can take up the hobby of gardening.

On the Internet
Amazonite – For all your online shopping needs! Amazonite has pretty much anything you could ask for and can't find in town. Expect a long delivery time though!

Waverly Bay Is Weird Forum – Run by local young people, this forum is mostly there to discuss the weird happenings that occur in the area.

Temple Gem Forum – The actual message board used by temple gems. No one's sure who set it up but it's been there well before new gems started appearing in the temple so might as well use it to communicate to one another.
If you're the type to do a bunch of digging though you'll find a few threads that haven't been archived. All of them involve two users called "this is hawkward" and "balboa76", and almost all of them also involve "this is hawkward" posting (long deleted) OooTube videos of their "hardcore parkour" and being chastised for their stupidity in all caps by "balboa76". Hmm...

YumeLength – Well if forums aren't your thing, guess there's always blogging.

Player-Run Locations - Active
Obstacle course - Run by [personal profile] wreckyeah - Built on the beach by 'Wreck-It' Ralph. It has the basic amenities of a military obstacle course, including tires to climb through, a wall to climb over, and items to shoot or blast. Here, gems have a place to safely test their powers.

Waverly Bay Wrestling - Run by [personal profile] lumpyspacegem - A covert and secret affair, done in the town's storage building. It's meant to hold various town supplies, holiday decorations, emergency supplies like cots and first aid kits, election day booths, and even some basic groundskeeping tools. Amethyst, however, broke in and set up a wrestling ring for monthly bouts among gems. It's a simple ring, complete with stretch ropes and a bell on the side. The warehouse has a steady supply of folding chairs, folding tables, and ladders either for an audience to take advantage of while watching the fights...or for a fighter to take advantage of in the time honored tradition of fighting dirty.

Connie's Grotto - Run by [personal profile] connie_maheswaran - A place not everyone is privy to. Made and hidden by Connie herself, it sits farther out along the cliffs near the beach. It's covelike, but not too submerged, allowing for the walls on the inside to be decorated and for things like tapestries, snacks and tons of papers and writing and pencils for plans to be stored. Connie also has a makeshift map of Waverly Bay, along with a book she's just started here.

The Birdhouse - Run by [personal profile] fragmentedfusion - A small cottage on the outskirts of town, in the general area of the farmland and somewhere with trees. From the outside it's a cozy-looking wooden house with a rounded shingled roof and a wooden fenced-in porch with an awning over it. Furnished (and once occupied) by Roland, Ford, and Beatrice. Masumi has currently taken up residence here.

Player-Run Locations - Inactive/Abandoned
The Foliage Foundation - A farm on the outskirts of town, briefly revitalized by Poison Ivy before falling back into disuse after her departure. Consists of the farmhouse, a decently sized two-story barn, a large shed, and one large field ringed by three smaller ones. Comes with some old equipment.

Beat Down - Formerly an abandoned storage warehouse by the town docks, Beat Down was commandeered by Dirk Strider and renovated into a dojo/rave club for all members of the town. His departure put a hole in the club's popularity, to say the least, but local teens still use the equipment he left behind to host their own haphazard raves.
The interior is loosely divided into two areas. One is the dance floor, geared up with some second hand dj equipment and a wild light setup. The other area is a dojo, though there's no weaponry to be found inside. Instead there are training dummies, self-help guides, and a pile of puppets. It's gone mostly untouched since the dojo's master left.

Madison's Witch Hut - A spooky, ramshackle dwelling on an infrequently used stretch of beach. (Picture - Layout/Floorplan.) Currently occupied only by "Kyle", a...preserved, disembodied head. Maybe that's why nobody's taken the vodka?

Vivien’s Garden - A flower shop formerly run by Virgil. The facilities consist of a one-room storefront, with a door behind the counter leading to a work space. The workroom has a utility sink, a table, shelves, and, mysteriously, a hammock hanging from the ceiling.

Dr. Quinnzel's Office - The office of one Doctor Harleen Quinzel, now fallen into disuse with her departure. It's on the second floor of a building near Nebuleuros. It's full of comfy fake leather furniture and there's even a fancy lift installed for those who'd rather not use the stairs.

Requesting a Location
Have a location idea you'd like to see used in Waverly Bay? Pitch it here and we'll add it to the list for everyone to reference!

Keep in mind that WB is a small bayside town. Locations that don't fit the setting may be rejected.

If your character starts up a business or other facility, it can also be submitted here. Player-run locations must have a character journal attached to them; if that character drops, the location will be moved to the list of inactive/abandoned facilities, and from there it can be "adopted" by any character that wants to continue maintaining it or reuse the facilities. Please keep us up to date on any location hand-overs so we can give our players the right contact information!